Digital Media and Marketing

Today we see an unprecedented shift in marketing and marketing disruption from various social media and information portals, and as consumers and professionals we have no choice but to go along with it. This is probably not a problem for millennials and younger generations who have been raised in a digital age, but digital marketing may not work so well for an older demographic.

Generally, digital marketers need to choose a good balance of traditional and new media that matches your budget and goals. New media is much less expensive and great for  existing businesses and startups, but you may just not have the audience there (yet). Using a mix strategically can still be extremely successful.

Given this basic fact about the two different interfaces, we have the on board talent to help you make viable business decisions ,to suite the look and feel of your business

Trending at the moment is to divide 40% marketing budget to digital activities according to, which leaves 60% that’s likely being devoted to traditional forms of advertising. But it’s not just one or the other; the idea of creating an integrated campaign is one that blends several elements of each, including public relations, direct marketing, social media, TV ads, YouTube, and so on.

An integrated marketing campaign can take on many forms, but the idea behind them is that they typically result in more than one outcome – so for instance, an x% boost in followers plus y attendance at a certain event.