Free Small Business Consulting Services

At EM Wise we believe that by giving free business consulting that you will see the value in the advise we offer. The try before you buy allows both parties to see how we will work together and gives both parties an understanding.

We assist the process  by mapping out the business process, identifying inefficiencies, redesigning the process and bench marking to initial metrics. We will involve the alignment of an entire organization for this process. It’s not just the responsibility of the senior management to carry out change – rather, it’s a company-wide initiative, all the way down to the lowest level employees.

We will run through an assessment that will show you time-tested profit generating strategies to overcome challenges, reduce overheads, increase profitability and achieve better outcomes for you and your business .

In many cases, the Owner of a Business starts out as a “technician”, being highly skilled in a certain field, product or service. As the Business grows the Owner needs other skills that they may not have.
Over time the Business moves from being a profitable small operation to a larger one that either loses money, or only pays basic wages to the Owner, with no additional profits or dividends. In many cases the Owner often has to dip into their home equity or borrow on credit cards hoping that tomorrow will be better. Without a clear understanding of all the principles that make a Business successful, the financial situation often doesn’t change and the Business just drifts from year to year.


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