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Social Media Enabled
The popularity of social media amongst Australian consumers is an undisputed fact with a growing majority of us actively engaging with social media on a regular basis.

While business use of social media continues to grow, there still remains a sizeable gap between the social media strategies of Australian businesses and the corresponding behaviour of a large number of their customers with only 30% of small businesses and 47% of medium-sized businesses having a social media presence.
The relentless march of social media into the hearts, minds and wallets of the Australian consumer and the dramatic and ever shifting change in consumer behaviour builds a compelling case for Australian businesses of
all sizes to invest much more in developing social media strategies, that allow them to reach their customers in ways that didn’t exist a decade ago.

The full spectrum of the social media environment in Australia reveals new patterns of usage and behaviour, particularly the impact of mobile devices on social media. In the past year, for the first time, the use of smartphones to access social media has overtaken laptops and desktop computers as the preferred platform for social media activity.
Notably this reveals that tablet usage also grew strongly from 18% last year to 35% this year and provides new data on the shopping habits of the social media consumer further allowing businesses to refine their approach to social media and their customers.

However consumer concerns about security and privacy are also on the rise making it imperative that businesses understand how social media is creating a new relationship between buyer and seller

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